RoBa Versand oHG - Privacy Policy

RoBa Versand oHG - Privacy Policy

§ 0 General

This is the translation of the German Datenschutzerklärung. The German version is valid in any case of differences between the German and the international text.

§ 1 Customer supplied Data

RoBa gathers and stores every information that you enter on our web site or provide us in another way. It is possible to perform a purchase as a guest. The guest account is not a permanent account and for the following purchase you have to enter your data again. There are no other limitations for a guest account regarding the shop functionality.

§ 2 Automatically generated Information

As soon as you get in contact with RoBa, certain information are stored. We use - as many other web sites as well - so called Cookies and gather therewith some data as soon as your browser opens the URL Several companies and communities offer (sometimes cost free) software for anonymisation of your web identity. It may happen that we do not recognise you automatically on our site. The shop is compatible for the usage of anonymisation software, there are no further limitations in your shop usage.

§ 3 Information from other sources

We use only the information from the sources that you provide to us. This is the reason why we do not offer any financial services such as purchase on account or hire purchase.

§ 4 Cookies

4.1 RoBa uses on the URL ,Cookies". These are alphanumerical characters transferred by your web browser onto your local hard disk. Cookies make it possible to recognise your browser in a subsequent visit and offers you to save your shopping cart between several visits.

4.2 The help functionality of your web browser explains how to set up your browser to refuse cookies or how to store cookies for a very limited time. It can happen that the functionality of the shop is limited when you do not accept cookies. We recommend the acceptance of cookies. For browsers that accept cookies we recommend furthermore, that you log off your computer completely before you share your completely with other people. RoBa recommends the browser Mozilla Firefox.

4.3 We do not use cookies as tracing cookies.

§ 5 Transfer of Information

RoBa ensures not to sell any customer data. We transfer some customer data to other companies and individuals in order to perform duties and responsibilities for RoBa. These are especially parcel delivery, sending of letters and handling of payments. Other supply of customer data to third parties does not take place.

§ 6 Security of customer data at transfer

RoBa uses for payments Secure Sockets Layer Software (SSL). This software encrypts the information that is transferred while using the on-line shop to the payment service.

§ 7 Third party advertisement and links to other web sites

The RoBa web site can contain advertisements from third parties and may have links to other web sites (e.g. Social Bookmarks) where RoBa is not responsible for. RoBa does not transfer any customer data to these sites, to advertising companies or to companies linked to the RoBa web site.

§ 8 Hints

If you have any questions regarding privacy policy do not hesitate to send an E-Mail to RoBa will answer your questions.



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